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Nairobi to Arusha



We made it!
After an INSANE line in the Nairobi airport to get our visas (we stood in a line for over an hour, then once at the front of the line, we were told the guy was out of transit visas and we would have to stand in another line. All he had to do was get up and walk to the other counter and get a new booklet! Grrr, after a near break down, we were able to be fast tract instead of starting in a new line up)
The road from Nairobi to Arusha is an adventure in itself. After two 9+ hour flights and a day in London, the kids didn't get much out of the drive.

Our first night (of three) was at the Moivaro Coffee Plantation. The drive getting to this lodge was always entertaining. We were all shocked that what we were driving down was actually a road! I am glad we never met with on coming traffic.
I got lost more then once trying to find my way back to my cottage at night.

The kids were glad to see a pool after that long drive.

Dinner was good, sadly it was the same two dishes for the next two nights, so it did get tiresome to eat the same thing.
IMG_0139.jpg This was the noodle and vegetable choice.
IMG_0137.jpg And this was the beef and vegetable choice.
Dinner on the second night

The kids also enjoyed the playground

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The waiting game.

2 hours until we leave for the airport.

overcast -2 °C

Well here I sit, patiantly waiting to leave for the airport. We got everyone up at 4am today to maybe help with the massive time change. We are all packed, hopefully we have everything. Thanks to my good friends at Tripadvisor.com we really thinned out what we packed, but it still seems like we have a lot. We have on bag packed with winter type clothes that we are going to leave with family in London, for our return mini trip. We have two large duffle bags packed with snorkel gear for 6. One small tote with a few odds and ends of everyone’s. Then everyone has their backpack carry ons.
We tried to check in on line last night with Air Canada, and they seem to have given away my seats that I had picked when we first got the tickets. They have kindly picked us seats through out the plane. So I hope whoever is sitting with my kids takes good care of them! How insane! When I tried to re pick our seats, I was told I was not allowed to do so with more the 4 travellers (not that there were ANY seats together left on the plane!) I guess the thought of that is what caused Chris and I to have NO sleep last night! Oh well I guess it will be what it will be. Our hope is that upon check in today they will have better news for us. Well that is if they let poor Chris on the plane. It seems I booked his ticket under Chris, and not Christopher, one person at Air Canada says this will be a major problem. Then when Orbitz.com (who I booked the tickets with) called Air Canada told them we don't need to change the name on the ticket because Chris is a short form of Christopher. So we will see how that pans out. That too will be what it will be, we will send him some nice postcards if he can't make it. LOL just kidding, I am sure we would just have to throw out some more cash and buy another last min ticket!

Well that is all I have for you now, smells like our pizzas are almost done, we will feed 'em up and ship 'em out!

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34 Days to go!

storm 28 °C

Ok I know it is boring NOT reading about our big trip, but part of the fun is waiting and getting ready!
So here it is Christmas Eve and -21C/-6F in Alberta, and it is 28C/82F in Arusha. Even with a storm pending in Arusha it HAS to be better then -21C, so here I sit dreaming of our trip!
We have all our shots now, well Landon needs a second flu shot for some reason, and he is THRILLED about that! (I hope you didn't miss the sarcasm in that) We go to the Dr's on the 29th to get our Malaria pills. We made our final payment on the trip a month ago, so now all we have to do is wait! I am sure the time will fly by.
Oh I never posted about our near catastrophe last month regarding our trip. Chris and I were going over some things when Chris noticed a funny date on our air line itinerary. Some how since we booked our tickets, the flight to Nairobi got cancelled and we were bumped to fly the next day and I never noticed. (I guess Orbitz did send me an email, but I missed that important detail. They never said what the change was, just that it changed and the only thing both my mom and I noticed was the one flight would arrive 10 min early. We missed the fact it was a whole day later!) So as it was we would have been in Nairobi a whole day after we should have been, cutting our safari a day short, not to mention missing our connection from Nairobi to Arusha! So after 6 hours on hold, on and off, with Orbitz, we were able to sort it out. We are now flying out a day early, so will have an extra day in Africa instead of a day short. I am sooooooo glad Chris caught that before we were standing infront of the gate in Heathrow 24hours early!
Well that is all I have for you know, the adventure continues!

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The Peden family go to Africa

Getting Ready For the Big Trip

-17 °C

Friday October 24th, 2008
Well, we only have 96 more days to go! I think we have gotten all the shots we are going to be getting before we leave. We have all had our Yellow Fever shots, and our first two Hepititis shots. Kaleb and Emily get their last Hep A shot in 5 months, and the rest of us get the last of the Twinrix shot in 6 months. I am trying to get everyone to get a flu shot, but no one seems too interested. I think I might pull rank and just take them. It would be a shame to get to Tanzania and have caught the flu from the recycled air on the plane.
I think I have managed to get everyone muted coloured clothes for the trip. Now I think I just need to think of footwear, and I better get on it quick, as sandles are hard to find in November in Alberta!
The end November will bring our final payment for the trip, then Christmas in December, then poof end of January we are gone. Some days 96 days seems like a long time to wait, then at other times, I can't get my head wrapped around it!

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