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Arusha National Park (Day 2)

sunny 35 °C

We are all set for our first Safari. We are at Arusha National park.
Before we even enter the park we spot our first wild animal.
Ok so maybe not so wild, infact I had to chase him to get his picture, he was a little scared of me.
At the entrance of the park you get a beautiful view of Mount Meru, a far more difficult climb then Kilimanjaro.IMG_0250.jpg
Chris spotted our first animals inside the park. They were so far away, but we were thrilled. I am sure Maningo thought we were crazy for being excited as he knew we would get to see more far closer during our safari.IMG_0263.jpgIMG_0264.jpg
Just after our excitement of those first giraffes we rounded a corner and came to what Maningo called "The Little Serengeti" WOW is all we could say. The kids were blown away, so many different animals all hanging out together. What a sight.IMG_0287.jpgIMG_0290.jpgIMG_0286.jpg
It is very exciting when a giraffe crosses the road infront of you!

I like how this picture shows how close the Giraffe is too us. Maybe 15 feet.IMG_0269.jpg
It is some times hard to pull yourself away from something so beautiful, but eventually you do. There is so much more to see, but I don't think we will ever forget this first sight.
Overhead we spotted some monkeys and baboons. They were jumping from tree to tree right above our open roof. I can just watch monkeys all day, they are so fun!
These here are Waterbucks
It was this family of warthogs that made me fall in love with all warthogs. They are wonderful little creatures. They are so fun to watch. The kids run around playing, every once in a while the mother will chase them. Wow they are fast too, they can run like the wind. After a hard time playing the break for lunch!
Then it was time for lunch.
Maningo picked the spot, and the kids checked out the view, and they approved!
Lunch was deepfried. EVERYTHING was deep fried but the juice box! It was actually very good!
After lunch we spotted Kirk's Dik Dik, not not some guy name Kirk stopping for a pee break, but the cutest little deers. At the shoulder they stand around 12-18" and only weigh 6-14 pounds.
I think it was a week and a bit before Landon realised that these were adult Dik Diks. He thought we were always spotting babies. His reaction on his face was priceless, truely jaw dropping for him!
Acacia Tree with long thorns. Giraffe LOVE to eat the sweet leaves of this plant. They can strip the leaves off the branches with their long tongues with out hurting the giraffe. (Cliff Clavin Moment: Did you know a Giraffe tongue is so long it can wrap clear around your head?)
We saw many jeeps with only one passenger. We discovered one major drawback from travelling alone with your guide. When the battery on the jeep dies, there is only you to push it to get it going! We came upon just such a case. Chris and Maningo got out to help push start it. Chris said Toyota Landrovers are VERY HEAVY!

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Hi Lianne,

Your trip sounds very exciting and similar in many ways to our trip. Your pictures make me want to go back soon. The pictures show more lush landscape and many more flowers. We were there in their "winter" and very dry season. I hope all parts of the trip went well.

by peppersage

I am really enjoying reading your blog! It's helping countdown the days until our trip. It's also helping me to know what to expect.

by Irongirl

Hi Irongirl,

I don't know what your travel plans are, but I was in TZ with my family (3 kids) last July and had a great time. I corresponded with the Peden family and it is great fun to see pictures that remind me of our trip. I have put together a number of DVD's and am now working on a photo album for our kids about our trip.

by peppersage

Peppersage, my family (me, husband and two 11 year old boys) are headed to Tanzania in early July for three weeks. I am having a hard time counting down the days until we go so I have been living through Lianne's reports.

by Irongirl


Great! We were in TZ last July with a 10 year old and 2-17 year olds. If you are interested in corresponding via email, let me know. I wrote to Lianne last year via email, from TripAdvisor, (great site), sent her my packing list,...

by peppersage

I would like that. I am also TripAdvisor. I'll try to get a hold of you that way.

by Irongirl

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