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Serengeti Savannah Camp (Day 8)

38 °C

Leaving Ngorongor Crater we saw these clounds rolling over the edge of the crater, it was the coolest thing.
On the ridge of the crater we ran into two hyenas that were on the side of the road, I guess they wanted to say good bye.

The drive from the Crater to the Serengeti Savannah Camp was very long. It might not have really been that long, but when your tummy is upset, the drive seems VERY long and bumpy. I was hoping when we left Ngorongoro park there would be an exit gate like all the other parks with a bathroom. After a few hours I finally asked Maningo how much longer until the exit gate. He told me there is no gate untill we get to the Serengeti National park in two days! So I said, ok then when is the next bathroom? He told me not untill we get to camp at dinner time. It was 10am now and my tummy was gurgaling. He offered to pull over on the side of the road, considering I have never "gone" without a toilet in my life, and the fact that I hadn't seen a bush in a very long time, I wasn't about to make this my maiden voyage at the side of the road. I ate a few pepdo tablets and prayed! A few LONG hours later Maningo pulled into some camp and told me he had to ask someone there a question, and I could use the bathroom while I waited if I wanted to. I don't think he really had to ask anyone anything, I think he just took pitty on me, and I am gratful he did!
I guess the reason for my long story is that I didn't not get as many pictures of the wildabeast migration as I wanted to. For some reason I just had no interest in standing up out the roof and snapping shots. So the pictures that I do have, Chris took.
I had to remove the sound on this video because it was very windy. I replaced it with the Jambo Jamob song.

The coolest part about The Serengeti Savannah Camp is that it is the only place that we went to that you could go "off road". If you saw an animal you didn't have to observe it from the road, you could get up close to it.
Ohhh my Metis instincts tell me a lion has been this way! Ok not my Metis instincts at all, Maningo told me, but I am sure I would have figured it out on my own anyways!
A vulture buffet! What an awful way to die. These poor wildabeasts never made it to the other side of the dry river bed. Either they died of natural causes all at the same spot (there were about ten dead ones lieing around) or they got stuck in the wet river bed and starved to death or the heat got them. Poor buggers. I guess one wildabeasts loss is a vultures gain!
Funny enough just around the corner from here is where we stopped for lunch. We ate in the jeep, but for some reason there were a lot of flies. I wonder if it was our dry cheese sandwiches attracting them or the dead bodies laying around!
After lunch we found a little family of cheetahs. We got up farely close to them, not too close to interfear. They chose to get up close to us.
Oh look, lunch is served! We didn't get to see them catch this baby gazelle, but we did get to see them eat it.
This picture reminded me of my poodle terrier, Taffy, after she ate speghetti. Her face looked the same, well she has speghetti sauce where these guys have blood all over their faces.
Wow my boys sure like to get close ups of the action.
After a fantastic day of animal viewing we headed to camp to check out where we would be staying for the next two nights.
This is the "hallway" to the shower.
And my favorite part of the whole trip!
I so don't miss that toilet!
They also had a gift shop.
Yep that is it, a few things on a stick. My kids loved it. No pushy sales staff here!
We lucked out again. We were they only guests staying this first night.
The kids got to help set up the fire.
Dinner was alway better when Maningo was allowed to join us. At this camp we did get to eat with Maningo.
After dinner we sat by the fire for a bit.
Kaleb got Maningo and a staff member of the camp addicted to "word search" puzzle books. They loved them! They did rather well considering that most of the words they never heard off!
You can see Kaleb and Maningo working on a puzzle.
Bed time!

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